7.3 What ifs

What if everything I think I’m hiding is already obvious to everybody else
What if I think I’m hiding but I’m actually revealing-by-hiding
What if I’m already free
What if I’m afraid to be full and bright because I think it will disconnect me from the people I love
What if I believed in myself, moment to moment
What if I stopped believing in some abstract scary future that doesn’t exist
What if I said what I meant and trusted that I’m still a good person
What if I knew, like really knew, that all my actions had consequences
What if I really trusted myself
What if I operated from my truest self more of the time
What if all of the time?
What if I moved freely from feeling to feeling
What if I allowed myself to be angry and stupid sometimes
What if I spoke up whenever I wanted to
What if I went for what I wanted without hesitating
What if I absorbed all the love directed at me
What if I stopped withholding my love from anyone I felt it for
What if love will keep me alive longer?