7.1 A good list from Core Competencies of Relational Psychoanalysis (Roy E. Barsness, editor)

Core Competency One: Therapeutic Intent

An analytic treatment is first established by a clear understanding of the intent or purpose of the analytic endeavor.

  1. Increased capacity to experience and manage multiple affective states and to enjoy the full range of emotion
  2. Increased access to multiple aspects of the self without shame
  3. Ability to comfort and soothe oneself and be self-reflective
  4. Ability to accept responsibility
  5. Ability to tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty
  6. Ability to be more truthful with oneself
  7. Ability to think more creatively and openly about one’s past rather than to continue to repeat it
  8. Relief from internal constraints and rigidities that have become problematic
  9. A more imaginative and creative mind
  10. Increased capacity to love and to work; self-efficacy
  11. To engage in more meaningful and redemptive relationships
  12. Hope