5.1 Unscheduled time

I am off for seven days starting today! Time for

  • books
  • incense
  • coffees to go
  • talks
  • podcasts
  • (1) therapy session
  • housework
  • brisk walks
  • art
  • plants
  • phone calls (tbd)
  • looks maintenance?

My hope for this time is to savor and restore myself!

Update, 11:53PM: I took a bath and now I feel a bodywide relaxation and warmth, it is lasting and sensual, I feel very good right now. Today’s theme was “Easing In,” I set my expectations low, and I thought of it like the buffer travel day you build into a trip. I’ll need one at the end, too.

I watched End Game and A Better Man. I read Alice Miller and a little bit of Peter Levine. This morning I finished Tonight I’m Someone Else. I did a load of towels. I ate instant noodles and, later, beef skewers. The sun was out for the first time in many days and I felt the whole community perk up. It is new for me to notice things like that.

Last night I said to Rhan, “Sometimes I just want to watch something with movie stars in it.” I felt relief after saying that, which I didn’t know I would feel until I felt it.