23.2 From Emergent Strategy (I thought this was beautiful)

“Emergent strategy is something I am still discovering, but a lot of it, for me, feels like tuning into the natural operating systems of this universe and being humbled, as opposed to trying to barrel through and against all the change, trying to best nature. I am learning to see human behavior, even my own mistakes, as part of a larger natural order.

I am wondering where I have agency, where I am moving and where I am being moved. I keep making decisions and declarations about my life, and then that larger force deftly, elegantly adjusts me on my path.

I keep coming back to response and reaction as the place where I have the most agency, where, as Octavia [Butler] puts it, I can “shape god.” I am moving towards the horizon of the end of my life, I am generating as much liberation as I can on that journey.

I choose what to embody, what to long for, even as the horizon shifts before me. The adaptation is up to me. The laughter between grieving friends, the justice of advancing a righteous anger, the first moments of surrender into new love, the opportunity inside apparent failure... How often, how quickly can I become aware of the miraculous nature of the moment I am in, and adapt towards the pleasure available in that awareness?”