20.2 Day off

we’re halfway through the year 2019
time to take stock

i finished my first three semesters of graduate school
i’m closer to being a therapist
i feel more sensitive
and self-aware than i ever have before
if not exactly healthier
(though i think becoming more self-aware
is a start to becoming healthier

i made it another six months in this job
i maintained it at an adequate quality
nothing went undone at least
the biggest deal was allowing myself
to just be “good enough”
without being mean to myself about it

i still love my home
i still love pursuing this career
i still love developing my spiritual life
i still love being with rhan as much as i can be with them
i still love books
i still love the cats
i still love cooking (though it slowed down a little)

the second half of 2019 - what do i want?

i want to find a volunteer opportunity that develops my clinical skills
i want to be better and more effective at my job
i want to attend sex educator training (maybe)
i want to attend suicide prevention speaker training (maybe)
i want to meditate regularly
i want to read a book or two on teaching
i want to grow closer to my classmates