15.1 Intentions for my 36th year on earth

  1. I will begin and maintain a daily meditation practice
  2. I will try my best, especially with the hard stuff
  3. I will walk 30 minutes everyday
  4. I won’t buy dumb lunches at work everyday
  5. I will eat more greens everyday
  6. I will make the decision as soon as I know what to do 
  7. I will lead with humor and a light spirit
  8. I will lead with compassion
  9. I won’t undersell myself
  10. I will find a great traineeship placement
  11. I will continue to improve our financial life
  12. I will keep the spirit of Juliet Days alive
  13. I will contribute to This is Louise! every week
  14. I will give presentations about mental health & healing outside of school
  15. I will learn tarot well enough to give fun readings to others
  16. I will keep a nice haircut
  17. I will wear clothes that make me feel lovely and powerful, clothes that I can move in
  18. I will tell people I love them whenever I feel it
  19. I will go to sleep when I’m sleepy
  20. I will take online courses on business and teaching
  21. I will go out of my way for the people I love
  22. I will care more about helping people than getting credit for it